All of us here regard London Cru as something of a hidden gem but unfortunately perhaps it was a little too well hidden geographically speaking. After a couple of weeks of trying to give clear directions on the phone we realised we needed something to make finding us that bit easier. Fortunately we had a nice big space of plain wall and roller shutter just ripe for some decoration.

So we set Will on the case to get some mural/graffiti ideas from a few people he knows in that field. I’m not certain but I’d reckon we must be amongst the first people ever to specify a need for wine based graffiti and all of the artists we spoke with came up with some exceptional ideas (we wish we had more space available!). As you can see below the guys at The Rolling People really nailed it with their graphic wine bottle design (coupled with our logo on the roller door). For those who are interested you see more of their work here or just enjoy the images and video below and, of course, you now know what to look for when tracking us down.