“Go, fetch to me a pint o’ wine, And fill it in a silver tassie; That I may drink before I go, A service to my bonie lassie.” (Rab Burns – My Bonie Mary)

London may be miles from Scotland, but we’ll use any excuse we can to forget the doom and gloom of January, have a little fun with tartan and eat some delicious haggis to celebrate the birth of Robbie Burns.

Whisky is the time-honoured pairing, and to be honest it’s a perfect match: the smoky, peaty flavour of the whisky complement the earthy, powerful flavour of haggis.

But what if, like us, wine is your tipple?

When considering grape rather than grain, red is the obvious choice. You’ll need something punchy and bold to stand up to the strong, spicy haggis. I’ll be drinking London Cru’s Syrah from 2014.  Based on the top Syrahs from the northern Rhone valley, this wine is rounded and robust, with big ripe fruit flavours with a load of black pepper to boot.

If offal isn’t your cup of tea, then stick to the Scottish theme and make a warming cullen skink. Velvety and wonderfully rich, this traditional haddock soup is a great alternative. Serve up with a hunk of bread and a glass of nutty, citrusy London Cru Chardonnay and you can’t go far wrong.